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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it shows you the scope of things out there. this is the potomac river frozen over this evening. we even saw some folks skating on the ice along the canal. >> the frigid temperatures are causing a number of problemsal around our area. we have team coverage tonight. >> let's start it off with doug in the storm center where he's tracking even colder numbers ahead of us. huh, doug? >> yeah, guys, this is day six of extreme cold across our area. we've been at 33 two of those days, but that's just one degree above freezing. the most of the time we've been below freezing. the current wind chill it is warmer than yesterday at this time. if that makes you feel any better. 16 d.c. right now, 15 in hagerstown. we're looking at minus numbers, and we were in the single digits. tomorrow we get a little bit of a break, a little less wind right now, too, so that's helping. current temperature down to 20 in gaithersburg, 23 in manassas, 21 in camp springs 12k3 23 over towards annapolis. so, extreme cold coti
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year in the mid 40s. yes, we get into the 20s, but normally for a couple of days. not for numerous days in a row. we have a lot more coming. frigid weather continues. tracking the storm for thursday, continuing to get more information and just got another computer model that just came in. we're going to talk about that in just a second. and coldest air yet moves in. one thing for sure about this system, it's the cold air, the coldest by far, we will be well, well below 0 by the time you go to sleep thursday night and wake up friday morning. >> all right. doug, thanks for the warning. >> well, you bundled up your kids so tightly for the bus stop you could hardly see their faces. >> and as students get back into the swing of school this week, some are poking fun at that bone chilling weather out there. the richer montgomery high school is tweeting 500 below 0. >> news4's meagan fitzgerald live in fairfax county where it is so cold, some of the buses won't work.
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>> reporter: wendy, that's exactly right. up to 100 buses or even more in fairfax county, either broke down or didn't even start this morning. here's why. fairfax county public schools tells us these school buses were sitting outside like you see here for the last two weeks while students were on winter break. consequently, this morning, some students, hundreds of students really, had to wait in the freezing cold weather until that problem was fixed. and then over in montgomery county, students there say they didn't realize they would be sitting in a cold classroom trying to learn their lessons. >> it's really cold. we're all wearing our coats. >> it's barely bearable. >> cold temperatures were expected to welcome us in 2018. but inside a classroom? that was the chilling reality for students at richard montgomery high school in maryland returning back from the winter break. >> i remember walking to first period in the morning, everyone was like huddling up and wearing theirat
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concentrate. like a lot of the conversations that we have in class today is about how cold it is in the building. >> reporter: we know how cold it was at around 10:00 this morning when we were sent this picture from inside a classroom. you can see the temperature dips below 50 degrees. montgomery county public schools says the cold weather contributed to problems with the heating system. it was a chilling and unexpected start to the new year in fairfax county, virginia, too. >> the cold weather, you know, really kind of gripped all of us this morning. >> reporter: buses are moving steadily now that school is over, but jeff with fairfax county public schools says that wasn't the case this morning. mechanical issues from the freezing temperatures caused buses to break down. some couldn't even start. out of the 8700 bus routes in fairfax county, the school district says 200 were impacted. that means hundreds of students were forced to wait
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for nearly an hour. >> even with us doing the starts over the past couple days, letting them run 30 minutes, sometimes the cold cranking amp required is a little too much. >> reporter: now, fairfax county public schools says students can expect to see some more delays tomorrow morning, although they don't expect it to be as long as they saw today. you can track your students' bus and see if there are delays or not by logging onto our nbc washington app and searching bus delays. jim? >> all right, meagan, thanks so much. that bitter cold out there is blamed for a flooded school basement. a pipe on a boiler broke here at cramer middle school in southeast d.c. crews from d.c. water and washington gas spent this day pumping water from the building's lower level. mayor muriel bowser toured the school today. she saw water pooling in a basement stairwell. the school district hopes to have the problem fixed by tomorrow morning. that's when d.c. public school students head back from winter break. >> and this cold weather is creating another
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water main breaks. remember them? it is so frigid outside, crews had to bring out special equipment to scrape away the ice, and right now big problems for a major road just inside the beltway. that's where we find news4's pat collins on new hampshire avenue. pat? >> reporter: wendy, water main breaks, i got your water main breaks. new hampshire avenue, an 8 incher here. it's got traffic backed up to the beltway. two lanes to one lane, it's been that way for hours. it's likely to be that way for sometime. water main breaks, i got a 12-inch era round here on this street. it sent water into basements and dried up water from the sinks and the bathtubs. pipe detectives on the scene trying to find them and fix them, but you know it's not as easy as it sounds. there are water main breaks and then there are water main breaks. but the one here on
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little guy. they know it's broken. they can see the water. they just can't find that break. how long will it take to fix it? >> i wish i had a crystal ball and could tell you. but until we actually expose the broken section of pipe it's really hard to give an estimate and we haven't done that yet. >> reporter: we could be talking hours? >> we could be talking hours. >> reporter: today the wssc is dealing with 80 water main breaks in montgomery and prince george's countys. this has left people like rudolpho without water. >> i want to take a shower and shave. >> reporter: maybe not today. >> well, they claim later that we should have some, so hopefully i would have some. >> reporter: no water at her sink, but this morning she had plenty of it in her basement. you were asleep, right? it was during the night and you thought maybe it was raining or something. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: andr
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the basement, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: when you went down there, how deep was the water, up to your knee? >> i came down. oh, wow! >> reporter: now, the wssc is responsible for 5800 miles of water mains. more than 40% of them are more than 50 years old. and when it gets really, really cold, those pipes crack and break before you can say, back up on new hampshire avenue. >> unfortunately, this is a reality of winter. this is a 70-year-old water main, and this is a busy road, and it's very cold outside. and that's a recipe for a traffic commute, a tough morning, a tough evening, and customers without water. >> reporter: back here at new hampshire avenue, we have three lanes of traffic moving into one lane of trc.
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rush. it's that way this evening. maybe, just maybe by tomorrow morning it will be back to normal. fingers crossed. wendy, back to you. >> so we have a cat in the hat which is one of our favorite things this time of year. thank you, pat. hey, we're working for you with resources to keep your family safe when it is this bitterly cold. just download our nbc washington app and you can take the storm team forecast everywhere you go. >> in other news now, a child says two men tried to kidnap her from her own yard before school today. the 8-year-old was waiting for her dad outside the family's home at elm and pine avenues in takoma park. the now, the girl says a gray mini van pulled up, the man in the front passenger seat tried to open the door and told the girl he had candy. the child pushed the door closed, ran inside and told her father. she says the man who spoke to
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near his eye, and a flower tattoo on his left hand. the gray van has dents and damage below the rear passenger window. now, police hope the girl's good memory makes it easier to catch those two. >> i thought it was very impressive how much she could remember in the brief encounter, for being so young. but it's really helpful. >> takoma park police are asking people who live in this area to share home security video that may show the men and that van. >> when you see this car windshield, you know the results of this crash cannot be good. an 11-year-old girl was struck by that car this morning on pennsylvania avenue in suitland. the victim attends school at nearby drew freeman middle school on brooks drive. news4's prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is there this afternoon with concerns that many in the area have for their children. tracee? >> reporter: yeah, wendy, she was on her way to school when this accident happened.
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intersection and see just how dangerous it can be. parents have been very concerned. here you still have the spray paint on the roadway from the accident. that 11-year-old girl was struck right in this area and her body thrown further down the street. police are investigating exactly what went wrong here. a pair of girls tennis shoes lie in the southbound lane of pennsylvania avenue. >> the shoes are shiny. they look like new shoes. >> someone may have gotten for christmas. >> reporter: the 11-year-old girl's name has not been released. she attends drew freeman middle school. >> she was transported to the hospital for critical injuries. the driver remained on the scene. the driver is being cooperative right now. >> reporter: pennsylvania avenue route 4 brooks drive is a major crossing point for students attending drew freeman and suit atlanta high school. the busy state
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source of worry for many parents. >> just bad. kids have to cross here and then go over there. and then worry about the traffic coming around and the traffic coming from more than one direction. >> reporter: crossing guards are here for a short time in the morning and evening offering some assurance. but our cameras rolled as countless students navigated the busy road on their own after the crossing guard left. >> but if they're late or they're coming early, you know, it's nobody there to secure them and make sure that they're getting across safely. >> reporter: now, this is a state highway. pennsylvania avenue, route 4, just yesterday our colleague scott macfarlane was doing a story discussing how when kids have this kind of route to school, it can be pretty dangerous. the state is taking a look at that. scott? >> that's right, tracee. when the maryland state legislature reconvenes this month, they will consider a review of every school crossing on state highways in maryland. they'll be required to order counties to do the same
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county streets. this is amid growing concerns kids aren't safe enough when they walk to school. the number of pedestrian accidents jumped between 2012 and 2016 in maryland, including a string of incidents near schools. one of them a crash in 2012 near seneca valley high in germantown was deadly. state delegate eric lutke says he's been fielding calls about the lack of sidewalks and lack of bike paths near other large schools in the county including blake high school in silver spring. >> if you go to almost any elementary, no sidewalks, no bike paths, no safe routes. >> reporter: police agencies in md do conduct special enforcement details in schools to ensure drivers are operating safely and without distraction. a 2016 report from internal auditors in montgomery county say engineering reviews near markings near schools and crosswalks are important because they have in the past reduced accidents. back to you.
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a positive trend in the district this week as the new year gets started. you're safer in the streets as crime falls at three times the national average. our mark segraves takes a look at what is behind it all. >> two huge lottery jackpots up for grabs. one of them still getting larger. what you need to know before the drawing tonight. >> i'm not going to win. >> that's what you need to know. >> you're not alone in dealing with this cold stuff out there. how other parts of the country are being impacted by this deep freeze. doug is back, tracking our local chances for the one to fo
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y2kqoy y16fy yes, it's cold here but the frozen scenes can also be found in dozens of other cities this week. just up i-95, cars are frozen in two baltimore streets after a weekend water main break. niagara falls, frozen. public schools in indianapolis and cedar rapids closed today, and they're used to the cold. and since saturday, at least eight people across seven states have frozen to death. nbc's blake mccoy takes a look at other problems blamed on this weather. >> reporter: in northwest washington, an ice storm toppled power lines. officials urging people to stay home. texas, which is ill prepared for this frigid weather is coated in ice. a spatula doubling as a window
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highway as a car nearly slides into him. >> talk about a close call there. >> he was fast. he moved his hands. wow. >> doug, we haven't had to deal with the ice or scraping the windshields just yet. is that to come, thursday, friday, saturday? >> i don't think so. thursday will be the interesting day snow wise. the factor is the cold. it is absolutely freezing across our area. so cold the potomac river is freezing. we told you this -- i told enthuse, i don't know if you remember, a week-and-a-half ago we would see the potomac frozen over. you saw people on the canal doing ice skating there. take a look at all that ice along the potomac. chopper4 was out there earlier today looking at that. this is going to get thicker as we move on through the weekend. i don't see us -- we may go above freezing in parts of the region. most of us stay below freezing. i don't see us having a significant warm up, and that's 40 degrees or so, until next monday or tuesday. so, we're
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away, another week away. here are the current temperatures. 22 in gaithersburg, 21 culpepper, 26 honeytown. you add in the wind. you look at 27 in leesburg, that's the actual temperature. we're not seeing much in the way of wind. what we do have, even a 5 to 10 mile an hour wind, 13 in baltimore, 16 in d.c., 11 current wind chill towards patuxent river. i don't think wind chill will be a huge factor. the storm coming up, this is the winter storm watch. you notice the thursday storm, nothing in our area. if you heard on twitter or you heard on your app, or you heard from a friend, hey, this is going to be a monster storm, it is, but not for us. even down toward the coast where we do have a winter storm watch in effect towards rehoboth beach, cambridge, salisbury, i'm not expecting much. 3 or 4 inches here. this is something we're going to be watching closely as we move through the next couple of days. we have winter storm warnings. eastern karolina, all the way towards tallahassee,
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university, one of the best weather schools in the country, they are closed tomorrow for the potential for winter weather. florida state, closed tomorrow because of winter weather. just amazing how deep this cold air goes. and as this cold air moves out, we're going to start to see a chance for us, too. nothing in our area. tracking two systems that are going to come together. one, you can see it bringing down more cold air on a nice piece of energy here. another piece of energy right here, they're going to meet down towards florida. and move right off the coast. and as they do, they're going to give us a little bit of snow. wednesday night you notice the cloud cover around the d.c. area. but here's the rain and snow at the coast. watch it transfer over to snow in ocean city, about 1:00 a.m. on thursday. notice as the storm moves up, it does try to get closer. maybe towards annapolis, towards cambridge, ocean city definitely seeing the snow fall. early on thursday morning, that's going to continue right on through the morning hours. ocean city, we're sending somebody down there to show you what it's like on thursday, not just snow, but wind. notice what's going on e,
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now, some of the models still try to give us a little bit of snow here. i'm going to be watching that closely. but i'm not too worried about snow in our area. i am much more worried about the cold. let's take you through it. thursday, here's the wind chills. in the single digits. that's cold. we move through the afternoon. notice by 7:00, we're 2 below 0 in frederick, 4 in d.c. that's cold. look where we are by friday morning. 13 below 0 in gaithersburg. 16 below 0 in winchester. 7 below 0 in d.c., friday is going to be an incredibly cold day. 19 degrees for a high, 18 for a high on saturday. these are some record low temperatures in parts of the area. 29 on sunday. there is your 40s next monday and tuesday. but they don't last long. >> boy, you don't put that word dangerous up there often. >> it's tough, guys. >> thank you, doug. >> it is. >> new charges could soon come against the sterling man accused of supporting isis. sean duncan's home was raided last friday in federal court this afternoon,
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destroy evidence in the process. investigators tell us duncan was planning to carry out an attack in the name of isis. news4's chris gordon was in today's hearing and joins us live at 5:30 tonight. >> and there are new details in that deadly crash along crane highway in prince george's county. we have now learned that the victim is a 16-year-old boy from clinton. a metro transit canine vehicle hit him around noon. the officer behind the wheel, off duty but on his way to work, he is now on routine administrative leave. maryland state police are investigating working to learn why the teenager reportedly stepped into the street near chads ford drive. >> big change coming to capitol hill. a long-time senator says he's retiring. why orrin hatch won't be seeking reelection this year. >> nbc makes it official. hoda kotb makes history.
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locally-owned novec keeps the power delivery system in tip-top shape throughout the year. that ensures novec customers enjoy dependable power. novec holds the record for the most reliable electric service in the region... and has for almost two decades. novec also uses proven technology and round-the-clock response
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to maintain one of the highest utility customer satisfaction ratings in the nation. novec. keeping you connected. orrin hatch says he will retire from the u.s. senate at the end of his current term. in a video, the utah republican said every good fighter knows when it's time to hang up the gloves. hatch is the longest-serving republican in the senate and currently chairs the finance committee. there's been a lot of speculation former presidential hopeful mitt romney may be eyeing a senate run. last fall senator hatch said he'd encourage romney to get in the race if he decided not to run. >> and we'
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for senator al franken's resignation happening today. but the timing of his official exit is not clear. senator franken made the announcement last month after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. minnesota's lieutenant governor tina smith will be sworn in tomorrow morning and that appointment will increase the already record-number of women in the senate, up to 22 of them. all of congress is back tomorrow with issues of immigration and spending on the top of their minds. lawmakers will have to mass a bill to fund the government by the 19th or we are looking at another potential shutdown. and protection for so-called dreamers, those immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally when they were children is also running out. republicans are returning to a slimmer majority. they now hold only a one-seat margin in the senate. >> if you haven't heard by now, it is a new year and a brand-new day for mornings at
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>> from nbc news, this is today with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. >> the news in that of course hoda kotb officially named co-host of the today show. she has been filling in ever since nbc fired matt lauer last november for sexual harassment allegations. hoda is a very familiar face at today and nbc. and she has ties to our area. graduating from fort hunt high school in northern virginia and going on to virginia tech. this is now the first time today has had two female co-hosts. >> someone asked, they said, what do you think when young kids are watching and now look up and see two women? i thought, we both got chills. wow, it would be normal. it may be the beginning of something, but making something normal that probably should have been normal a long time ago. >> what great news. and for you fans of the 4th hour, have no fear. hoda will continue to co-anchor the 10:00 a.m. show with kathie lee fo
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so, this was wine day tuesday. >> she and kathie lee have great chemistry. they're a fun group to watch. well, about two years have now passed since we all got those credit and bank cards with those security chips. but the crooks are catching up to the technology. susan hogan with a warning for you tonight. >> a dramatic drop in crime in the nation's capital. coming up on news4, we'll show you what role science has played in that. >> and again, a virginia man in court for the first time since his arrest during an fbi raid on his home. what we are learning about his alleged attempts to suprt isispo.
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hello, everybody. we're tracking what is a.m. going on out there the next couple of days. everybody is asking about snowfall. thursday -- rather wednesday night into thursday, this is one of our computer models bringing up the snow. i want to show you what this is showing us. notice annapolis less than an inch. most of the snow over del mar. most of it towards rohoboth. it doesn't give d.c. any snow. light snow here, some of the latest models trying to bring it back just a little bit, but this is not going to be a big snow event for the d.c. metro area, points to the west. points to the east it will be a bigger snow event. the feels like temperature 16 in d.c., 23 in winchester, but come
5:31 pm
morning, some of these numbers -- some of these wind chills will be 30 degrees colder than they are right now. some even 40 degrees colder, guys. that's how much colder we still have to go. >> well, now at 5:30, it is freezing out there and in our area that means we can expect to see water main breaks. right now wssc dealing with a break on busy new hampshire avenue just inside the beltway. and at this point they tell us they have not found the source so they haven't been able to start those repairs. >> the cold is crippling some school buses in fairfax county. some school buses just wouldn't start this morning. and in montgomery county, students at richard montgomery high school went home early because classrooms were as cold as 48 degrees. >> an 11-year-old girl has life-threatening injuries after a crash in prince george's county this morning. she was hit by a car on pennsylvania avenue in suitland as she was heading to school at drew freeman middle school on brooks drive. the driver did stay at the scene. >> we are learning more this i
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home in sterling last week. it was part of an fbi isis investigation. >> but what happened during the raid led to charges against the home's occupant. sean duncan. news4's chris gordon is at the federal court house in alexandria where duncan was just facing the judge. >> reporter: wendy and jim, duncan is charged with obstruction of justice. that's it for now. more charges could follow. but he was brought here before a federal judge because of his behavior during the search of his sterling, virginia home last friday. the fbi says while agents searched his sterling, virginia home, sean duncan ran barefoot out the back. an affidavit says duncan tried to throw away a thumb drive and a memory chip that he destroyed. agents say duncan's phone records indicate he was interested in joining isis and conducting an attack in the u.s. in federal court, duncan is charged with attempting to impede an investigation by destrg
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he could face two years in prison if convicted. duncan stood silently, wearing a t-shirt with a flag on the back saying, herndon police department supporter. blue lives matter. duncan and his wife moved to sterling, virginia in june after their infant son died. police in allegheny county, pennsylvania investigating the child's death say the cause is inconclusive. the investigators gave the fbi a copy of duncan's phone. the fbi says it found hundreds of searches for isis materials, isis attacks, and weapons. duncan is in jail tonight. prosecutors will bring him back to federal court here next monday afternoon and argue that he should remain in custody because he poses a danger to the community. that's the latest live from the u.s. courthouse in alexandria, virginia. wendy, back to you. >> chris gordon. thank you, chris. big cities across our country saw fewer violent crimes
5:34 pm
that news is even better here in the district which saw drops three times the national average. last year there were 116 murders in the district, down from 2016. other violent crimes, robberies, burglaries, assaults, also down. news4's mark segraves talked to the police chief today who credits not just good policing, but a little science for this drop. >> reporter: here at the district's crime lab, they test every gun taken off a d.c. streets. it's just one way the district is reducing crime. that's why d.c. mayor muriel bowser and police chief peter came to the lab to highlight the city wide drop in every single category of crime. newsham pointed to the arrest last week of james mayfield who within hours of being caught with a gun was charged as a triple murder suspect. technology has also played a role in reducing crime. newsham says the district's free security camera program for
5:35 pm
having a big impact on putting career criminals behind bars. and keeping them there. >> when you close crimes, particularly crimes involving the small group of people who are committing violence in our city, the crimes start to slow down. >> reporter: and that slow down in crime is reflected in the latest numbers. violent crime down 22%. property crime down 9%. overall crime, down 11%. looking at specific categories, murder down 14%. but those are city wide numbers. in some neighborhoods, particularly east of the river in ward 7, some categories of crime are up. and in ward 5, murder, theft, and property crime are all up. >> when we had an uptick in violence in ward 5, we put additional police resources over there. we were able to make a couple of very significant arrests over there. and that was able to kind of
5:36 pm
jurisdictions in maryland and virginia tell news4 they plan to release their year-end crime statistics in the next few weeks or months. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> but when we compare d.c. to other big cities when it comes to murders in 2017, this is what we get. as mark just mentioned, the district had 116. that's less than detroit, which reported more than 260 murders last year. denver and boston, 58 murders each in 2017. and 24 people killed in seattle last year. >> a man is now charged in connection to the murder of a mother of three on new year's day. officers responded to a report of a domestic assault at a home here on 38th place in brentwood, maryland. they found lizbet mendez with stab wounds. she later died at the hospital. tonight her husband irwin lorenzo sanchez is being held without bond. investigators tell us he stabbed mendez during some kind of
5:37 pm
argument. he's charged with first degree murder. >> news 4 your health is next. the accidental discovery. it could be a potential breakthrough
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y2l2xy y16fy and as we head to the next couple of days, it is only getting colder. some areas will feel like 15 below 0. i'll let you know who coming up in the four zone
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>> so mmara, thank you. state media reporting tonight at least 20 people have been killed, hundreds more arrested in a wave of protests across the country that started over economic issues. iran's supreme leader blaming what he calls enemies of iran. nbc's matt bradley has the latest now from london. >> reporter: the protests in iran have gotten worse and far more deadly in just the last 24 hours. we heard this morning that nine people have died overnight in these protests as they are enter now their 6th day. there has president been any real evidence today of any continuing protests but we're keeping an eye out for that. one thing, there's also been the death of a police officer and three police officers were actually injured. now, this is a major problem because it could invite another more harsh crackdown on these demonstrations from the iranian regime. in other news today, ayatollah, the supreme leader of iran, came out and blamed basically foreign agents for
5:41 pm
violence and continuing the protests against not only the iranian regime. these protests have moved to target the actual clerics behind the regime. it is no surprise the ayatollah would say that. he's the unelected leader of iran. he has the final say in any political decisions in iran. these are his first comments since this crisis began last thursday. but they're not the first time the senior iranian official has blamed foreign agents. there is no evidence foreigners or any foreign agents in the region have tried to start this or are continuing these protests. but it's true that iran does have quite a few enemies in the region. we'll look today to see whether or not the protests continue and the circle -- cycle of incriminatetion surrounding them. baths to you. >> matt bradley. in news 4 your head, a medication that was originally designed to treat diabetes could have some benefits for alzheimer's patients. using lab mice with advance stages of cognitive
5:42 pm
researchers in the u.k. gave them a drug known as a triple recenter receptor. they say it led to significant improvement in their memory and learning skill. they found less plak buildup and inflammation of the brain. this is a study that involved mice. the results are early, but experts say if the same is stru for humans, this could be potentially be used to treat dementia and alzheimer's. brisk sales now happening as lottery players gamble on a growing jackpot. jackpots. the new size of the prize for tonight's megamillions drawing. >> and chip cards were supposed to be more secure, right? but are they really? susan hogan with a warning this evening about the security chip in your bank or your crit edca
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an icy rescue in boyds, maryland, the car crashed into 10 mile creek last night stalling out in several feet of icy water. montgomery county fire and rescue crews carried them to safety in a boat. paramedics say the trio very cold but not hurt. >> we are also seeing ice forming along edges of the chesapeake. you have to look closely here. it's a satellite view from earlier today. natural resource officials tell us with another winter blast expected later this week, as of course doug has been telling us, we can expect to see all that ice thicken out there. but they warn what looks solid may not be. >> but if i'm looking at that, you can't really make that out, doug. look at that. you have to be like right on it. >> you can see towards ocean city. that is almost completely frozen. you can see that from that picture. the chesapeake, that is going to be the case as we go through the
5:46 pm
a lot of potomac is frozen. people's back ponds are frozen. coming up at 11:00 we'll have tips for you about that because it is quite dangerous to get out there on some of those frozen ponds. out there right now, it's cold. the wind, though, is dying a little bit. we're currently sitting at 25 degrees. 23 degrees by 7:00, down to about 19 degrees by 11:00. so, yeah, another very cold night tonight. not as cold as it was last night. currently 23 leesburg, 23 belvoir, 23 in annapolis. the cold spot right now is warrenton down to 17 degrees. as we look at the radar nothing to show you. we're not seeing any snow wednesday night into thursday. tomorrow at 4:00, notice where the snow is. just north and west of jacksonville, florida. i mean, places under winter storm warning include tallahassee, savannah, charleston. they could all see a couple of inches of snow. as this moves up, the storm, however, moves far enough off the coast. then itys
5:47 pm
now, notice the snow tried to get into the d.c. metro area. if you live in southern maryland you have a much better chance of seeing flakes here. not expecting much accumulation. where we are going to see accumulation is out there towards the ocean city area towards rohoboth towards our beeches. you might not see a flake on thursday. it gets sunny during the day. this storm system is one to watch, however. we are going to be seeing some changes in this. the storm track for snow chances, if it shifrts to the east they get much lower. if it shifts to the west they get higher. one of our latest computer models did shift it back to the west including d.c. metro area with snow there. that is something i'm going to be watching the next day or so. right now i'm not expecting much in the way of snow. it's just the cold and the kind of cold we're going to get, boston has seen a lot of it. take a look at what they're seeing that way. >> this is not the way i wanted to start the morning.
5:48 pm
a dead battery after leaving my mini van idle for days and freezing temperatures. >> all right. going to get the jumper cables here. >> reporter: so i called in my photographer for a jump. >> that's how it works, whoa. >> reporter: still dead. >> wow, even the jump is not working. >> reporter: then i called aaa. >> busy. >> reporter: problem is road side assistance is inundated with similar requests. >> battery calls are comprising at least i would say 60 to 70% of our call volume. >> reporter: spokesperson mary mcguire says aaa northeast handled 62,000 calls during the holiday weekend. a new record. >> with this kind of historic cold, we simply ask for people's patience. >> reporter: in the meantime we still have a job to do and that's to find out how everyone else is faring the day after new year's. >> they had a long break. we were ready for them to go back. >> reporter: when many returned back to work, school, and resolutions need to be followed through, some school districts in massachusetts
5:49 pm
cold. >> it's been kind of rough. >> reporter: in newton, schools have been running late because engines wouldn't start. after more than seven hours of waiting aaa finally showed up and jump started my mini van. >> let it run half an hour. >> reporter: he said he has a long night ahead. how many more do you have to respond to? >> another four or five hours. >> reporter: wow, another four or five hours. >> that's what we're going to get here. for us, he mentioned historic cold. we're going to get that kind of historic cold coming up friday into saturday. we could even set some records. the wind chill is going to be a major factor and it could have schools canceled or delayed early on friday morning. let's talk a little more about that. we're going to take you zone by zone. somara has that now. >> a little uptick in elevation, and you see it feels much colder. take a look at the mountain zone. so, friday morning it is going to feel like 16 below 0 in areas like winchester. 17 below 0 in front royal. a real chill today air
5:50 pm
talking, folks. wind chills, in fact, could be below 0 all day out towards the mountain zone. we head towards our western zone, leesburg, how are you doing? how about 11 below 0 friday morning. manassas pretty cold. fairing on the colder side with 10 degrees below 0. it is going to be a frigid friday morning to start. again, a lot of us out west staying below 0 most of the day. in the d.c. metro area while feel like temperatures might make it to the single digits it is still a very cold start. feeling like 8 below 0 in the district by friday morning. before that, though, thursday night, still feeling brutal. wind gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour thursday evening. of course it is going to feel very frigid out there. we head to the eastern zone. the farther south and east you head, that could see snow with the system wednesday night into thursday morning. but you're going to feel the cold, too. everyone is going to get their fair share of this. all i can say is for the kids if they do have school, please make sure they are layered up because friday morning is going toe
5:51 pm
wire talking about that chance for record temperatures on friday and saturday. especially towards areas like dulles and bwi. look at the low temperature in dc, five degrees on saturday. that means dulles could be below 0 for actual temperature. 29 on your sunday. we get into the 40s next monday and tuesday. we're watching another system, though. really, too early to say where this one is going to go. does it track to the south? that gives us more of a mix and wintry precipitation. or does it stay to the north and we get warmer and it's all rain. we're going to watch that one very closely. right now, though, all eyes on this, this dangerous cold that we've got coming up over the next couple of days. yes, the chance of snow coming up on thursday. i'm going to take a closer look in the 6:00 hour. i'm bag on television here at 6:15. >> good to know. >> tune in. thank you, doug. >> a warning tonight about that shift in your credit card. news4 has learned it may not be protecting you any better than those old magnetic strips because thieves have found a way to crack it.
5:52 pm
susan hogan working for you to explain what to look out for now. >> all right, wendy. we are talking about shimming, not skimming. skimming is the fraud we warned you about when crooks attach a small device to the outside of an atm or gas pump to scan and steal your information from the magnetic strip. shimming is the new way thieves steal your information and it is harder to detect. is a paper thin device that thieves put inside the card machine slot, the same slot you now use to put in your chip on your credit card. it contains an embedded microchip and flash storage that can actually intercept the data right off your card. >> that actually interacts directly with the chip, with the microprocessor, gets that information upon removal from the slot. so, again, very hard to detect, very new. more expensive in a
5:53 pm
device, but something we have been seeing more increased awareness of. >> so, there is good news. shimm is not as common as skimming. it is safer to use the chip option over swiping your card. here are four other options you can use to protect yourself. use apple pay or samsung pay. and if you're withdrawing cash at a bank, try to go inside to a teller. use atms located inside of a bank instead of a stand alone atm. and if you do notice there is some resistance when you're inserting your chip credit card, don't use the machine. it could have been tampered with. back to you guys. >> boy, i've had that feeling. good to know, susan. thanks so much. >> sure. >> while you were at work, the megamillions jackpot jumped again, folks, $361 million now is up for grabs tonight. no one won saturday's drawing and sales have been higher than expected nationwide. while the prize is bigger, your odds of winning are still tiny. about one
5:54 pm
>> a set of twins will never have to share a birthday and they don't even share the same birth year. you may have been reading about this online. one baby was born december 31st, 2017, and 16 minutes later his twin sister was born. but by then it was january 1st, 2018. the timing even surprised the mother. she wasn't due for another three weeks. the doctor was in a california hospital who delivered the twins has been practicing 30 years and says he's never seen anything like this. >> pretty cool and cute. >> dozens of families forced into the cold after flames tear through their apartment building. >> it's the second time in a week it's happened in new york city, and the weather didn't make putting out easy. the challenges faced as firefighters battled
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
z2l2xz z16fz y2l2xy y16fy
5:57 pm
new york families forced out of their homes as the bronx has its fourth major fire in less than a week. four of them. and nearly two dozen people now hurt when that fire engulfed a building early this morning. our sister station in new york talked with the residents who are impacted by this massive 7 alarm blaze. >> what can i say? i mean, i want to cry. >> reporter: there are no words for families who lost everything. jesus fell asleep when flames shot from this
5:58 pm
and quickly moved through the building. >> what we did, wrapped the babies in a blanket, not even shoes, just my babies. >> reporter: but the cold wasn't the only thing these families had to fight to get out. >> the smoke was so heavy. we were choking. luckily we reach all the way to the bottom. we couldn't see anything on the stairs. >> reporter: jesus and his family of six made it out. firefighters rescued 16 others. >> firemen came and broke the window. >> reporter: and they brought you -- >> brought me down. >> reporter: paramedics rushed all two to the hospital. no serious injuries. we caught up with jesus's family when they returned from the hospital. >> just looking for a place to stay and meal for the baby. >> reporter: people affected here weren't only people who lived in the apartments, but some of the people who lived nearby who just happened to park their cars here. >> i woke up, i smelled fire. i thought it was in my ho
5:59 pm
enough, i saw my car. there is insurance. i feel more for the families. what a way to start the new year. people lost everything. >> now at 6:00, a deep freeze gripping much of the country tonight as a winter storm approaches. >> i'll let you know just how cold it's going to feel in your area and who has the best chance of snow. >> but dangerous cold is already causing problems. >> from the commute as crews detour traffic so they can fix broken water mains. >> cold classrooms force some students to leave early. >> and it's not over yet. >> the worst of it still several days away. tonight, we are working for you tracking the frigid air across our region right now. >> and the even colder conditions that are coming our way next. doug kicks off our team coverage now from storm center 4. hey, doug. >> hey, guys, believe it or not,
6:00 pm
tonight. when i say a break, it's relative. we are at 16 last hour for wind chill. now we're up to 18. the reason we don't have a lot of wind tonight, but that's going to help temperatures to fall. look at the temperatures around the region, though. 14 the current wind chill in hagerstown. 0 up to the north at state college. 13 in ocean city. ocean city getting ready for accumulating snow fall in that area. i'm going to talk much more about that thursday storm in a minute. 21 degrees currently in rockville, down to 17 in dulles with the lighter winds. areas that normally school, places like manassas and warrenton are going to fall quickly. already down to 14 at 6:00 on your tuesday evening. 14 in manassas, 18 down towards honeytown. so, we've got the cold in tonight. we're going to get a little break tomorrow. but the frigid weather continues. most areas tomorrow, i say a little break. we may get close to or surpass freezing by a degree or two. that's the break that we've got. tracking storms -- tracking the storm for thursday, and the


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